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HHC Background Beverly Craddock Hawaii Hypnosis Center's Logo
Beverly Craddock has personally experienced the life-changing
possibilities through hypnosis and wanted to guide others
to transform their lives as well. Our referrals speak
to how life changing this experience can be.
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HHC Background Hawaii Hypnosis Center's Logo Randy Hampton
Featured in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal and on Good Morning America,
Randy Hampton is a sought after public speaker who instills confidence in his clients,
allowing athletes to reach new levels in sports performance and assisting professionals in
successful career transitions.
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HHC Background Beverly Craddock
Improving health, finances and relationships,
Hawaii Hypnosis Center Founder Mindy Ash
has dedicated her life to the education of self and others
on the transformative power of the human mind.

Hawaii Hypnosis Center has served Hawaii since 2006. Clients achieve
their goals quickly and easily through hypnosis.
Hawaii Hypnosis Center's Logo
HHC Background #2 Stop Smoking Video testimony Kick the habit
Quit Smoking with Hypnosis
HHC Background Empower yourself and attain your potential Build Confidence
I completed my Half Ironman on the Big Island Yesterday.
I swam 1.2 miles in Hapuna beach with 1600 other racers.
It took 1 hour and 1 minute in choppy ocean but I did it!
I cannot believe less than a year ago I had a severe phobia
and now I look forward to getting into the water.

~ Andrea Stouffer, Honolulu, Hawaii
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HHC Background Relieve yourself of undue stress
When I first came to you I was scared and worried all the time.
I had grown used to having panic attacks throughout the day.
After spending just four sessions with you I was able to clearly see
what was causing this problem.
The fear and panic attacks have all but gone away.
From the bottom of my heart thank you so much.

~ T.C.C., Honolulu, Hawaii
Alleviate Stress
HHC Background Sports confidence to reach your goals
Did what you said...
I was relaxed and able to eat the day of the tournament...
I even slept well the day before.

~ Vic O., Honolulu, Hawaii
Gold Medalist, 2014 Long Beach International Open
Gold Medalist, No Gi, Expert Division, 2014 World Jiu Jitsu Expo
Boost Athletic Performance
Rise to the top of the competition

Self Confidence

The subconscious mind is running programs similar to a computer; we guide you into hypnosis to access those programs so that you can go on living your life with more peace. Whether you want to feel more confident starting up a conversation with an attractive stranger, talking with authority figures, giving presentations... Read More

Stop Smoking

Are you ready to kick that bad habit and stop smoking? Research shows Hypnosis is the method with the highest success rate. Hypnosis is safe, it's natural and there are no side effects. When all other methods fail, make it easy on yourself and choose hypnosis. Read More

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Can Hypnosis Help Our Relationship? 
As hypnotists, we get a lot of questions about what we do and what kinds of things that hypnosis can help people achieve. We’ve recently been working with more and more couples who are interested in strengthening or even repairing things within their relationships..... Read More

Serving Hawaii Since 2006

We welcome you to the Hawaii Hypnosis Center Website. We offer professional hypnosis in an office setting so you can feel comfortable and safe in our relaxing newly remodeled therapy rooms. We are the longest established hypnosis center in Hawaii with a full service center and both male and female hypnotists on staff. We are elite certified 5-Path Master Hypnotists as well as Clinical  & Smoking Cessation Specialists. 

About Us

Since 2006 Hawaii Hypnosis Center has helped thousands of people make positive changes in their lives through educational presentations and personalized one-on-one hypnosis sessions. Services include stop smoking, improve confidence, improve sales success and finances, and improve overall health and well being mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally.

About Us

Our focus has always been on helping our clients achieve their goals, since we opened in 2006. Hypnosis has helped thousands of people make positive changes in their lives through educational presentations and personalized one-on-one hypnosis sessions. Changes such as stopping smoking, improving confidence, improving sales success and finances, and improving overall health and well being mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally... Read More

Our Hypnosis Process

We use a variety of therapeutic modalities depending on our client’s specific goal, including 5-PATH® (Five-Phase Advanced Transformational Hypnosis®), Neuro-Linguistic Programming also referred to as NLP, and clinical hypnotherapy techniques. We are certified by over 3 distinguished certifying hypnosis organizations, including Clinical and Smoking Cessation Certification.... Read More

Hypnosis Done Right

Whether you want to kick that bad habit
and Stop Smoking or are looking to resolve an issue...The Hawaii Hypnosis Center has been serving Hawaii since 2006. We have helped hundreds of people and it shows. The greatest compliment is from our clients who continually give us referrals. On this website you will find lots of happy client testimonials as well. Our professional and advanced Hypnosis system is packaged to get your goal addressed in just a few sessions, saving you money 
and getting you back on your feet...
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Our Services

  • Weight Loss

    Weight Loss

    End emotional eating and body image issues.
  • Stress & PTSD


    Control stress and live your life.
  • Procrastination

    Behavioral Habits

    Reverse negative habits and behaviors.
  • Stop Smoking

    Stop Smoking

    Stop smoking in one hour.
  • Sports Performance

    Sports Performance

    Improve your game through the right techniques. Our system is a proven success.
  • Self Sabotage

    Self Sabotage

    Are you your biggest fan or your worst critic? Stop the negative. Experience the positive.
  • Medical Hypnosis

    Pain Management & Accelerated Healing

    Heal quicker and feel better.
  • Healthy Habits

    Healthy Habits

    Better habits lead to a better life.
  • Confidence

    Self Confidence

    Find the courage to live life to the fullest.
  • I became a non-smoker on March 9, 2011. In one hypnosis session my habit of nearly 40 years was finally over. Thank you! —Cheri C.

  • I am transformed forever and I would have never been able to do it without you! —Andrea S.

  • None of my previous efforts have had much success until I started working with you, so I am grateful that I discovered hypnosis via your expertise. —S.E.C.

  • Hypnosis is an amazingly wonderful thing and in the hands of a good hypnotist it can perform "seeming" miracles. Thank you! —Tracy A