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Anxiety, PTSD, Phobias

Anxiety, Phobia, Worry, Fear, PTSD

Anxiety - feeling overwhelmed, detached, need to escape, loss of control

Studies report 18-22% of the U.S. population experiences some form of anxiety. Some people experience a general anxiousness that underlies everything they do. Others are anxious in social situations such as crowded stores or meeting new people. Anxiety can strike in certain situations - such as a fear of flying, fear of driving, fear of roaches, social anxiety or fear of public speaking. Whatever anxiety you’re facing, it can be difficult, exhausting, and life-altering. Call for a free consultation to see if we can help.  Story in Natural Awakenings Magazine: Fear Can Stop Good Things From Happening 

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Natural Ways to Deal With Anxiety

* Respond to Symptoms: Racing heart, tightness in the chest, shortness of breath, excessive sweating, feeling “frozen in place,” or just a feeling to leave. Learn how to relax and reestablish comfort. 

* Eliminate Anxiety: Better understand and resolve the causes of anxiety. People aren’t born anxious - they learned it somewhere along the way. Determine the source and whether the anxiety is a proper response. Gain new insights into the reasons behind feelings or emotions like anxiety. Anxiety and depression can sometimes go hand in hand.

* Look forward: Anxiety makes it difficult to imagine the future. The mind is often stuck in processing the past and addressing stress in future events or worry. Imagine a positive future - without anxiety - where you can once again experience life in a more relaxed and connected way. 

When you feel overwhelmed, control what you focus on so that you no longer sweat the small stuff or stress out.

Fears and Phobias (Fear of Flying, Fear of Driving, Fear of Public Speaking, Fear of Lizards, etc.)

Fear is a normal emotion that serves to protect us from danger. Everyone experiences fear or anxiety at “normal” levels. For example, looking both ways before crossing the street is a healthy fear to avoid being hit by a car. That’s common and prudent. The trouble is when fear makes it so you can’t engage in normal things without great effort or difficulty. Re-analyze the origins of a fear and get both sides of the mind to work together. Babies are born afraid of falling and loud noises - two natural fears that have protective instincts in the balance and hearing systems. Every other fear is learned. Fears can develop from events or from people around you with similar fears that you adopted as a child. 

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Test Anxiety? Achieve Your Full Potential

Struggling to retain the information needed to pass? Improve your focus and recall. We work to help you identify the underlying triggers that cause anxiety and the lack of confidence. Gain the life skills and tools to manage the mind and eliminate thoughts of failure.

Hair Pulling, Face Picking, Nail Biting
Underlying symptoms such as eczema, skin rashes, nail biting and hair pulling may indicate an underlying anxious or worry issue. Call for a free consultation.

Anxious About Anxiety



Feeling Stuck? Blocked? Sabotaging?

The subconscious mind is designed to guide us toward comfort and safety, so it often doesn’t understand that comfort isn’t always best for us as we try to achieve health. Sure, it’s better in the long run to be healthy, but the subconscious lacks the analytical ability to see beyond what it already knows from experience. The experiences we’ve had often inform us that cookies taste good and broccoli tastes bad, and sleep is awesome and exercise hurts. You are never really stuck, you are always moving forward. Call to find out more about your mind's protective nature.


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Get Your Mind On Board

It’s enough to make one crazy. We know we should do something—like work out, eat better, give the dog a bath, finish that work project, or call our mom—but we can’t seem to get it done. We’re back on the couch feeling unmotivated and frustrated.

Everybody seems to have a goal. There’s something out there that people want to accomplish. For some, the goal is to be healthier or get that dream job. Others may be hoping to be more organized or save more for retirement. Everybody seems to have something that they are wishing to achieve, but very few seem to be reaching their goal. Just setting a goal and “trying to get there,” falls short for most people. If we want to achieve something, we’ve got to make sure that our entire mind is onboard with the plan.

The human mind has both a conscious and a subconscious element. The conscious mind tends to be that intelligent, goal-setting, analytical part that knows exactly where we want to end up. The subconscious mind is the part that wants to make life easy, help us be comfortable, protect us and keep us safe. To achieve a goal, both parts have to be in agreement that the goal is of the highest benefit. If there’s conflict, the subconscious will most likely win. Our protective, or comfort, instinct will find a way to overcome that hard-thinking, willpower-fueled, gotta-get-there drive that our conscious mind can build.

“You can want something desperately and still be unable to achieve the vision if your protective subconscious doesn’t agree with the perceived suffering you will experience,” explains Beverly Craddock, a master hypnotist at Hawaii Hypnosis Center, in Honolulu. “You can have the top-level gym membership, the trendiest workout clothes and the gym bag next to the door, but if your subconscious mind wants to rest, you’ll too often find yourself on the couch.”

While willpower can overcome some resistance, long-term habit-forming success comes more quickly when we can identify and resolve the subconscious resistance. “You can be consciously motivated to eat better but find yourself still going for the cookies if your subconscious finds comfort in sweets,” Beverly explains. “Even people who really desire a goal can be sidetracked or completely derailed by outdated thoughts or feelings.”

For business professionals that lead teams, the concept of team building, or teamwork, can often be made more complicated by their own subconscious desires and those of team members. The old adage, “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink” is truly about this challenge. Even when guiding the project, the company or the healthy outcome, we have to convince the horse that it is thirsty and help it understand that water is scarce.

Team environments require an understanding of not only team dynamics but personal dynamics; this requires an understanding of both conscious and subconscious motivation. “Achieving the goal is about helping team members have both intrinsic and extrinsic motivation,” Beverly says. “While getting a salary or wanting to look better is a great extrinsic—or external—motivator, people also have to be inwardly motivated by a desire to succeed that overcomes the desire to be comfortable, drink more, study less or watch 18 straight hours of Orange Is the New Black.”

So, how can an individual or a team leader overcome being dragged down by an unmotivated subconscious? Beverly says there are two key elements: “First, you’ve got to show the subconscious the benefit by making the end result visible. You have to visualize yourself healthy and you have to show the team members what success looks like. Second, you’ve got to make sure that the subconscious doesn’t become distracted along the way. Success comes from constantly seeing the end result in a believable and achievable series of steps.”

It isn’t just having the steps laid out consciously for the individual or the team but rather being able to visualize those steps being taken and being able to visualize being successful.

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