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Confidence & Purpose

Life is a Confidence Game


Confidence can be defined as having a feeling of trust in our abilities, qualities and judgment. Some lack confidence in one area, while others lack confidence in MANY areas of their life. While we all know what confidence feels like or what it looks like in others, we may feel like we lost our confidence somewhere along the way. It is time to be rid of feeling inadequate. Rediscover the strong, independent person you truly are. It’s time to tell yourself a better story. Unlock your confidence so that you can unlock the rest of your life and correct your perception of who you are

build confidence 

Tentative when meeting others? 
Second guess yourself? Negative self-talk?
Change The Way Others See You

Shift your views and perceptions at the core level. Feel confident and develop composure in situations in which you used to feel uncomfortable or nervous. Feel more relaxed in daily life and more composed when speaking with someone you are attracted to, a new acquaintance, or even an authority figure. 

Afraid of Cold Calling? It is generally based on:
* a fear of embarrassment ("What if I say something stupid?")
* a fear of rejection ("What if they don't like me?")
* a fear of failure ("What if I screw up this account?")

The first thing to realize is that your problem isn't the phone or the phone call... it's an internal fear. Is the fear real? If you aren't a moron then you probably won't say anything too stupid. But, then again, we've all done it. Learn to control the things that are within your control, like getting a good nights sleep instead of fearing what people would think - something we have NO control over. People actually want the best for us. They don't want to make us look bad (well, unless you're a presidential candidate, political pundit, or celebrity of some kind). For regular folks like us, people want us to be well. You've probably experienced this when you've watched someone struggle while giving a speech. They stutter and stumble... and you internally cheer for them. You're glad it isn't you. You want them to do well. You're practically trying to will them through it. This is true in all cases. The person on the other end of the phone is not spending much energy assessing YOU as a human... their assessing what they need to do or get you off the phone. Give them the chance to do that. Control what you can control in a phone conversation:

1. Ask direct questions. ("What time do you close today?")
2. Be polite ("Good morning," "Thank you," etc. These are actually easy things to say without any errors because you've been saying them your whole life. Use them a lot - you're good at them.)
3. Provide a specific product or outcome that is the purpose of the call ("I need you to...") highlight the "ask" (thing or things you need)... and pick up the phone. Start with "good morning/evening/whatever"... read the ask... and say "thank you." 

Want to Enjoy Getting up in Front of Groups?

Public Speaking Fear - Presentation Anxiety

A bigger fear than death for some. Your mind tries to protect you from past bad experiences. Deprogram that protection and alter it to something more useful. Teach your mind mental techniques that the pros use to speak comfortably in front of any group, at any time - even impromptu. Present with confidence and end embarrassing moments for good. Well-meaning people will tell you to ‘join a speaking group’… but practicing the wrong behaviors over and over often results in getting better at those bad behaviors. Train your mind to present with ease and confidence.

Test Anxiety? Can't Concentrate, Focus or Remember Everything? 

Can't afford to score poorly? Train your brain for positive results. Call for a free consultation. Ask about our student discounts. 

Negative People Controlling or Bullying You?
Establish healthy boundaries and confidence to stand up for yourself. Find your voice. You don't need to just take it. Stuck in a job with a co-worker or boss who is always in your business? Empower yourself. Don't let other people's negativity weigh you down. 

Invest in yourself. What's holding you back?

Sales Success - Push Through Blocks of Resistance and Self-Sabotage

Your ability to sell is about believing in yourself. If you’re nervous or hate cold calling potential clients, overcome the anxiety and negative self-talk. Never underestimate the power of you. You deserve to be successful and reach your goals. Whether you are in sales, an entrepreneur or management, you can find your persuasive passion boost confidence and find joy in your work.

Connect With Your Purpose. Don't Waste Another Day
Passionate about your career or just punching the clock every day? A lack of purpose or passion results in trudging through our lives with little motivation and no enthusiasm. And that… is not living. All humans seek love and inner peace. We seek to feel valued and to have a sense of belonging. If you still haven’t found what you’re looking for in life, then it’s time to try something new. Purpose is the thing that you’ve talked yourself out of… the things that you’ve given up on because your own limiting beliefs told you that “you can’t,” “you shouldn’t,” or “you don’t deserve to.” Put those falsehoods aside and rediscover your purpose. Call today for a free phone consultation. 


As millions of baby boomers make the transition into retirement, a problem is becoming somewhat epidemic. In just a generation, the aura of retirement has gone from something everyone wants to achieve to becoming a feeling of “being put out to pasture.” Why has this become the new normal? If you study that question for a moment, it’s pretty easy to see that fear is the answer. We fear change. We fear loss. We fear different. We fear waking up one morning with the feeling that we no longer matter, no longer fit, and no longer have anything to achieve. We fear missing out on the conversations. We fear not having the routine of going to get coffee at 10 am each morning and seeing the same people. We fear that retirement is where we go to die. So when the day comes to consider what might happen next, our mind gets us acting like we aren’t going to do very well out there in the great unknown—retirement. And along comes the fear response.

Motivation Puts An End to Procrastination

Don't let your emotions get the best of you. There is a reason behind your lack of motivation. Once you figure out what it is then you are free to work with that part to get it done. Move past the emotion and get to your goal.


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Is Your Inner Voice a Crook, Con Artist, or Champion?

Loser. Idiot. Ugly. Fat. Shameful. Disgusting. Weak. What’s the worst thing you say about yourself? Do fear, hesitation and doubt shout you down every time you have to do something important? If you’ve been met with internal resistance to your success, you probably have an inner voice that is a crook or a con artist.

How is it that our own inner voice is such a downer? If it’s our inner voice—our own mind/our own thoughts—shouldn’t it get on the same page and be helping us, not holding us back with all of its worry, negativity, blame, hate and doubt? If it’s our mind, how can it be so cranky and negative about our own potential?  

“The key is to remember that your subconscious mind has the mission of protecting you,” explains Beverly Craddock, Master Hypnotist. “Whatever you’re feeling—stress, fear, even anxiety—it is something that your mind is creating to protect you.”

When we set out to do something new, meet new people, speak to a group, or even enter a busy environment where people might judge us, the subconscious mind can create a physiological response, such as shortness of breath, sweaty palms and a racing heart, because it wants us to be alert to the danger it perceives. This is a great thing if we’re walking into a jungle filled with man-eating dinosaurs, but it isn’t a very effective response when trying to talk to someone or give a presentation. The mind believes we are facing a danger because we have previously been harmed or felt judged in one of these situations. It is only able to remind us of these previous hurts or harms by using our body’s system to protect us. If we ignore the initial warnings, or try to gut through it, we’re likely to just end up making the situation even worse because our subconscious mind will need to ramp up the warnings. Ignoring the mind’s warning system means that the warnings will need to be more severe in order to get our attention.

Unfortunately, the subconscious mind is a notoriously bad interpreter of events. It often lies to us or blows things out of proportion based on the age we were during previous experiences. The anxiety experienced during a poor speaking performance in high school is stored in the subconscious. Even though the individual has grown since then and consciously knows that the old event is in the distant past, the subconscious is trying to protect him/her from a repeat of the pain, hurt or humiliation that the individual faced while young.

“People constantly try to shut off the protective voice, but your mind will never stop trying to protect you,” Craddock says. “If you want to change the subconscious response, you’ve got to alter the subconscious understanding of past events through hypnosis. You will never consciously out-argue your subconscious mind.”

The subconscious mind is the center of all of our feelings. Even when we say things like, “There’s nothing to be afraid of, I’ve done this many times,” our subconscious mind can still create anxiety, stress or fear. The reason that we can consciously know that something shouldn’t be frightening but are still able to feel afraid is that our subconscious feelings have learned that our conscious thoughts can be deceptive. Even though our conscious mind knows the facts of the situation, the subconscious doesn’t trust those facts because they conflict with what it has experienced in the past. Because our thoughts have “lied” to our feelings before, we’ve created two parts of our mind that don’t trust each other. In that predicament, we’ve got to find a way to get subconscious and conscious to agree.

“Hypnosis is effective for helping get the two parts of your own mind on the same page,” Craddock concludes. “You can’t consciously argue your way out of a feeling any more than you can feel your way out of a thought. The two come from separate parts of the human mind and they need an interpreter—and that’s what good hypnotists do.”


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