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Insomnia? Can't Get Back to Sleep, Sleep Walking

Studies show sleeping pills can accelerate brain dementia. Re-learn how to sleep naturally. Whether you can’t get to sleep, wake up during the night or have a mind that “won’t stop”, you have created a negative sleep pattern. Reset that pattern to get the sleep that you need. Read more about Insomnia. Hypnosis takes you through the brain waves that you use to sleep each night. Re-train your sleep patterns naturally. "Shut off" your mind for peaceful sleep. Also works for sleep walking which are partial arousals in the night.

Check out the Insomnia and Hypnosis article -  May 2015 Hawaii Luxury Magazine.

How Hypnosis helps with Insomnia....

Relieve Stress

Boost self-esteem and relieve stress to get your body back to a healthy balance. Dr. Bernie Siegel published a best-selling book called Love, Medicine, and Miracles, which details stories of his cancer patients who triumphed over their illness using their minds to bring about "spontaneous" healing. 

The World famous Mayo Clinic touts the use of medical hypnosis. Kaiser Permanente Journal refers to hypnosis as an under utilized medical treatment and published a study using hypnosis to improve Irritable Bowel Syndrome. The results of hypnosis to reduce pain and accelerate healing are so encouraging that many hospitals, physicians, dentists, and other health care practitioners are now using it with their own patients. READ OUR ARTICLE ON HYPNOSIS AND PAIN MANAGEMENT IN NATURAL AWAKENINGS.


If you have suffered a loss and are having trouble moving on then you may be stuck in one of the five stages of grief. We know how painful it can be to pick up your life after a loss. We are here to help you move on.

*Website Disclaimer: Individual results vary as everyone's situation is unique. pain management and healing cancer**The term pain management is used for name recognition purposes only. It is not the practice of medicine. Persons with an ailment, or any kind of physical complaint for that matter, are to see their physician first for medical treatment, and make use of hypnosis as an adjunct to medical treatment.

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When you can’t sleep, your troubles just seem to get bigger. If you’re stressed in your life, your body needs sleep to recover. If you’ve got pain, your body needs sleep to heal. If you’re under pressure, your brain needs sleep to learn, recover, and make good decisions. There isn’t much worse for you than not being able to sleep. When things are rushed or not going well in your life, a lack of sleep generally makes things worse.

There are dozens (if not hundreds) of reasons why people can’t sleep. Electronics, alcohol, caffeine, nicotine, and napping are all things that could be limiting your ability to get some rest. More often though, it is the racing thoughts that keep up at night. People who lay in bed – wide awake – are often replaying the day’s events or worrying about tomorrow’s events.

Hypnosis addresses the lack of sleep in different ways. Sometimes insomnia can be as simple as learning some techniques for relaxing the body and the mind. People in the midst of a stressful season of life or facing a short-term stress can benefit from mental calming techniques taught through hypnosis. If sleep challenges are long-term or deeply rooted, it is necessary to use more advanced hypnotic techniques to address the actual reason you’re not sleeping.

If your mind is racing when you’re trying to sleep or you wake up and can’t go back to sleep because something is “on your mind,” you’ve got to address the thoughts or feelings that are keeping you from sleeping. Taking pills, getting a better mattress or listening to relaxing music won’t permanently quiet your subconscious mind. Your mind is trying to get your attention. Your subconscious may believe that you are in danger, at risk of failure, or unprepared. If you want to sleep soundly, you need to find out why your mind isn’t letting you sleep.

Worry, fear, disorganization, sadness, anger, regret, and guilt can all be sleep-stealing culprits. Through the use of advanced hypnotic techniques those emotions, thoughts, and feelings can be properly resolved. Many of our clients find that they can finally get deep sleep.

Sleep isn’t like a light switch with an off and an on. Sleep is more like a dimmer switch that you have to slowly adjust down. You don’t go from being wide awake to being asleep. There are several states that we pass through on the way. If you examine the brainwave patterns, these in between states are states of hypnosis. Our hypnotists can show you how to resolve your mental conflicts, relax your body, and get your mind into the drifting mental state that builds into sleep. Whatever is keeping you up at night is worth addressing head-on. 


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