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Jan. 4 is a special day

In a calendar year filled with 365 days, there’s a special day for everyone. It isn’t just about our birthdays or our favorite holidays. There are also special days for occupations, games, hobbies, and foods. The first month of the year - January - brings us days like “Pie Day” (23rd), “Blueberry Pancake Day” (28th), and “Clean Off Your Desk Day” (12th). But one of my favorite days is January 4th - “World Hypnotism Day.”

World Hypnotism Day is a day designated for hypnotists to engage in activities that help educate the public about hypnosis. And there’s a lot of work to do. The public perception of hypnosis and hypnotists is pretty far from the truth. It’s sometimes fun to hear the things that people think about hypnosis before I tell them that I’m a hypnotist. You’ll hear about “mind control,” “parlor tricks,” “clucking like a chicken,” and “zombie states,” a lot more than you’ll hear about stopping smoking, losing weight, managing chronic pain, gaining confidence, and overcoming fears.

Every hypnotist can tell you about being at a social event and introducing themselves to someone only to have that other person laughingly make a crazy hand gesture and a joke about hypnosis. Some people will even nervously walk away because of their fears and misconceptions about what hypnotists do and who we are as people. So a few years ago, hypnosis organizations like the National Guild of Hypnotists, the International Hypnosis Federation, and the American Hypnosis Association, decided to promote World Hypnotism Day as a way to raise awareness of the good things that hypnotists are doing to improve lives, communities, and minds.

While January 4th has a bunch of other important things happening - like “Braille Day,” “International Spaghetti Day,” and - here’s an interesting fact - “Trivia Day,” we hope that all of our clients past, present and future, will take a minute to focus on how hypnosis changes things for the better in their lives. Whether you’re one of the hundreds who have stopped smoking or just someone who needed help moving past a relationship gone bad, we hope you have a wonderful World Hypnotism Day. Disclaimer: Individual results may vary.

And if you’re among the people that don’t know about hypnosis or maybe one of those folks that would run away when you meet a hypnotist out there in the world… well, we hope you’ll take a moment to ask some questions. Educating people about the real power of the human mind is something we’re always willing to do. We love questions and we love helping people achieve great things.

 World Hypnotism Day Hypnosis Facts:

The hypnotic state is the use of alpha and theta brain wave patterns - the same brain wave patterns that people experience several times each and every day.

A hypnotist can not control your mind and make you do something you don’t want to do.

Hypnosis requires hundreds of hours of training and experience in order to use the hypnotic state to assist people with overcoming challenging issues in their subconscious. A person using hypnosis will remember everything that happens during the hypnosis sessions.

Hypnotists should be accredited and should never treat or diagnosis medical or mental health conditions. A hypnotist working with a client with a medical or psychological diagnosis should ask for a referral from a treating physician or mental health practitioner before helping that client with pain reduction, depression, or other diagnosed issue.

Every person is capable of being hypnotized - in fact, some people go into a hypnotic state when they read, so maybe you’re hypnotized right now.

February Resolutions

If your 2016 resolutions have already fallen by the wayside, you’re not alone. In fact, it is estimated that over 90% of New Year’s resolutions fail - many before the calendar even turns to February. But a local hypnotist and expert on the subconscious says it isn’t too late if you’re trying to turn things in a different direction in 2016. 

“We should resolve to improve ourselves and our lives every day of the year,” said Randy Hampton, co-owner of Hawaii Hypnosis Center. “If you missed out on something to start the year, don’t despair - there are still more than 300 brand new days left in the year.” Hampton, one of Hawaii’s leading authorities on the subconscious mind, recommends that people stick to the things they want to achieve. He reminds his clients that failure isn’t a “thing,” it’s just a word too often attached to the attempts that occur right before success.“You can’t succeed without starting the change,” Hampton explains. “The problem is that too many people are TRYING to change instead of just changing. The word ‘try’ leaves too much room for failure.”

One of the most common New Year’s resolutions is to stop smoking . Studies show that people who successfully quit, first view themselves as a non-smoker - they change their mindset even before they change their behavior. Hampton uses this example frequently to show how people can change their world by first changing their mind. “It’s about making a solid decision - an active choice,” Hampton said, pulling from the title of his book Now Different: The Power of Active Choice. “If a smoker is waiting for less stress or some magic pill to make them a non-smoker, then they’re likely to end up right back on the puffing end of a cigarette. 

The biggest step is to decide that you don’t smoke - and once your mind is set on that - then why would you put one in your mouth?” Hampton says the same is true for people who resolved to eat better, lose weight, or work out more. “Get your mind around the fact that you are a healthy person,” he offers. “Then you’re less likely to do things that are unhealthy. Failure comes when we ‘try’ to eat better but see ourselves as battling some inner identity as the unhealthy person.” 

Numerous studies have shown that a positive body image is one of the key factors that contributes to successful weight loss and success in keeping weight off. Hampton contends that this has to do with a person seeing themselves healthy and fit first and then living a life around that - even while they’re in the early stages. “If I see myself as a healthy person, I’m unlikely to eat two pieces of cake after dinner,” Hampton said. “In fact, if the mindset that I am healthy is solid, then I might not even think about or miss the cake at all.” So if your New Year’s resolutions have already failed, Hampton’s advice is to get back at it. Make a “February Resolution” or a “Valentines Day Resolution,” or just make the active choice to see yourself as what you want to become.

Disclaimer: Individual results may vary.


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