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Additional Services

Additional Services

Give the Gift of Hypnosis

Ask about our Hypnosis Package Gift Certificates. Gift Certificates can be for one session or more, giving you flexibility with how much you spend. Some ideas are Sports Performance, Stop Smoking, Sales Performance, etc. Call for free phone consultation. 

Want to Get Back in Touch with your Authentic Self?

Whether a relationship has caused you to lose touch with who you really are or perhaps you have just become "molded" by your work or life, get back in touch with your authentic self. Feel more like your "real" self and less like you are wearing a mask or just going through the motions. 

Writer's Block? Not Feeling Inspired or Motivated?

Nothing is worse for a writer than turning to your mind for the next great paragraph only to find a big blank page. Writing one thing may be easy but writing consistently great product is often where writers struggle. When your passion for writing becomes your career or your first article turns into requests from publishers for more, the last thing you need is to be stuck with an empty page. Get unstuck and tap into your endless subconscious supply of stories, words, and ideas. Writer’s block sessions with Hawaii Hypnosis Center include a custom writing audio session that you can use any time you hit that wall in the future. Whether you are feeling a lack of motivation or procrastinating, call for your free consultation to find out if hypnosis can help you back on track.

Forensic Hypnosis

Trying to remember something of importance in your past but can't quite get there? Did you misplace something and now want to find it?  Your subconscious is like the black box on an airplane. It remembers everything that ever happened to you. Ask about our forensic hypnosis session. 

Motivational Speaking or Sales Training?

We are happy to come and speak to your group. Call and ask about our rates! 

Hypnosis Can Assist You in Just About Anything You Want to Improve

Call to Find Out How You can Achieve More Profoundly Through Hypnosis. Free phone consultation. Here are some ways others have used hypnosis to transform their life.

  • Self-Love & Forgiveness
  • Healing From A Romantic Break-up And Moving On With Life
  • Relationship Issues (bad relationship cycles, trouble asking girls out, labeled the "nice guy")
  • Locating Lost Objects or Lost Memories (you can find anything that you may have lost over the years)
  • End Procrastination & Be More Motivated
  • Creating Healthy Habits & Overcoming Bad Ones
  • Stuttering
  • Stress Relief & Peacefulness
  • Increase Memory and Focus
  • School Anxiety/Test Anxiety/Shyness/
  • Irritable Bowel
  • Improve Sleep, Stop Waking Up in the Night
  • Work Issues, Getting A Better Job or Promotion
  • Addictions or Drinking In Excess
  • Unresolved Anger
  • Moving Through the Grieving Process
  • Hair Pulling, Grinding Teeth, Picking at Skin
  • Dealing With Cancer
  • Mindfulness
  • Happiness


Randy provided me with a highly customized and game-changing way of strengthening my core self. It accelerated my personal growth tremendously and allowed me to prepare for an otherwise insurmountable and unpleasant challenge. I now deeply understand my strengths and have forgiven myself and others for past pain. This is the most efficient and effective way to change your mindset, even if you have been stuck in a rut for a number of decades, as I had been. Thank you, Randy Hampton and Hawaii Hypnosis Center*Website Disclaimer: Individual results vary as everyone's situation is unique. 

B.B., Honolulu, Hawaii

I had gone to another hypnotist on the island and she left me with unresolved stress. I am happy you were able to work with me and overcome that tension that surfaced.I know now where to go if I have anything in the future come up for relief*Website Disclaimer: Individual results vary as everyone's situation is unique. 

Kristin, Honolulu

I first heard about this hypnosis center from a friend. He said it was a legitimate hypnosis center (no funny stuff like past life regression, crystals, etc.) The office is really welcoming and cozy, I felt more relaxed when I walked in and was welcomed right away. This was my first time to use hypnosis so I was a bit apprehensive. I have had stress, anxiety and a lack of confidence for my whole life. I tried talking to a counselor but that didn't seem to go anywhere and I got sick of the copays after 2 years. Someone recommended hypnosis and Hawaii Hypnosis Center had the best rates and it was just a few sessions.

The best thing about the hypnosis session is that I felt completely comfortable with Randy. He answered my questions thoroughly and the hypnosis was really relaxing. I could tell he knew a lot about hypnosis and how to deal with my issue. I left the first session feeling a deep sense of calm and already noticeably better. The next week I went in and I have to say this was the most powerful thing I have ever experienced. It was like a cloud was lifted and I could breathe and feel relief. My last session was equally uplifting. I don't know how this place does it ...they say their business is mostly referrals from happy customers and I can see why...Thanks Randy for saving my life....or at least making me feel like you did.*Website Disclaimer: Individual results vary as everyone's situation is unique. 

Kai, Honolulu


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