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Anger, Depression & Habits

Anger, Hopeless, Depression, Habits & Addictions

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Unresolved Anger

Whether your anger builds slowly before erupting or goes round and round in your head, get to the root of the issue to resolve it. A study conducted at Stanford Medical School showed that anger caused heart patients to experience on average a 5% decrease in pumping efficiency which can cause a heart attack. Anger can lock on to a fixed emotional state, a negative trance. Hypnosis can train your mind out of those trances.


Social media addiction, nail-biting or skin picking, junk food eating, drinking too much... are all habits created through repetition. Take back control of your life and break-free from excessive behaviors. Let go of those old behaviors and create healthy ones. When you understand why you are doing the bad habit, you can learn to overcome it or substitute a healthy habit in its place. 

Alcohol - Empower Yourself

Alcohol is a great distractor from our issues, however it causes even more problems. Some people want to cut back and others want to stop completely. By forming new healthy habits, clients can address the underlying problems that trigger the habit. What if you could control your behaviors and break the cycle? Become empowered today. Our services are confidential and discreet. No diagnosis in the file. Call to see if hypnosis can help you. Individual results vary. Read more about Addiction in Natural Awakenings

Coping with the addicted person can be stressful. Ask about sessions so you can be strong for your loved ones.

Sadness, Depression or Loss of Interest in Life - Get Unstuck

Sometimes when we cycle a feeling, thought or behavior over and over, it is stuck. Free those feelings or thoughts so you can get on with your life. Overwhelming sadness or feeling depressed feels like you can never feel happy again. It drains the pleasure from things you used to enjoy and eradicates hope and energy. Learn how the cycle works and gain power over it. Diagnosed with depression? We can work alongside your doctor or psychologist or psychiatrist with a referral. Call for information about how hypnosis is complimentary to counseling. 

Depression doesn’t shift overnight but you can begin to
reduce the amount of worrying and introspection you are doing
sort out any practical problems that are causing you stress
work on any relationship difficulties you may be having
help you balance your thinking so you are not plagued by negative thought
as you feel better, gradually introduce elements to your life that will protect you from becoming bad again
stop dreaming so much so you can get deep, restful, restorative sleep

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Too Much Behaviors

Most people have heard of the placebo effect. Basically, a placebo is a powerful mental suggestion that something is going to cure or fix something else. For example, I go to the doctor and say that my finger hurts. The doctor says, “You’re in luck. I just got in a new shipment of finger-fixer pills – most powerful thing on the market.” Even if he hands me sugar pills, there’s a good chance that my finger will stop hurting if I believe that the pills have the power the doctor has suggested.

Working with clients who are struggling to stop drinking, we have learned that alcohol is working for many people just like the sugar pills. If you ask an alcoholic why they drink, they’ll have a lot of interesting answers. Some drink because their job is stressful. Some drink because they’re lonely. Some drink because they’re sad. Some drink because their marriage is terrible. Some drink because it makes them more confident or more social.

Alcohol is either an amazing wonder drug that makes stress go away, gives you friends, makes people happy, improves marriages and increases confidence… or it’s a placebo. Think about that. What if it isn’t actually the alcohol that fixes the problem but your mind – just like the sugar pills?

What if getting off work relieves your work stress, not the bottle at the end of the day? What if hanging out with other people in a bar makes you less lonely, regardless of the drink in your hand? What if being happy made you happy, instead of obscuring your sadness with a drink or six? What if going out to the garage and taking a break from arguing with your spouse was helping you deal with your marital discord and not the beer in your hand? What if your spouse liked you more when you didn’t drink and your marriage began to look more like it did when you got married? What if you actually have plenty of confidence and you learned to unleash it without having to drown your perception of social awkwardness?

Alcohol isn’t actually fixing anything. Your situation, your mind frame and your belief that alcohol helps, is fixing everything. So go to the bar and order a ginger ale or soda with a slice of lime. Hang out with your friends. That ginger ale can cure anything that ails you – if you believe that it can.Hypnosis is an effective way to help people find and resolve the underlying issues that may lead to drinking too much, drug use, over-eating and all kinds of distracting behaviors. If you’ve “tried everything” and you’re still facing the challenge, give us a call at Hawaii Hypnosis Center. 


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