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As we know, there is no magic when it comes to weight loss.  Trying a certain diet or exercise program, but ultimately finding that you are not motivated to do the work that it takes to lose weight means you won’t be successful long term. Lack of motivation comes not from your conscious brain but from your subconscious brain. The part of your mind that wants pleasure and avoids change We work with clients who are truly interested in losing weight and having a healthy lifestyle. We don’t take all clients because there are people are not ready yet to focus on themselves and why they are not successful. Even people who have had bariatric surgery and fail are sometimes not ready. This is not magic, this takes a commitment to finally end the weight loss issues in life. 

Unfortunately, all the willpower in your conscious mind can’t resist the pleasure-generating effects of food if you feel punished or deprived by not eating (diet)

Want to think like a thin person...enjoy healthy foods and be enthusiastic about your favorite work out routine? 
Mindless Eating or Binge Eating is a Form of Negative Hypnosis - Get away from that earlier programming. Learn How Today.

Celebrities who have used hypnosis for weight loss:

Orlando Bloom, Sophia Dahl, Lily Allen, Geri Halliwell and Oprah to name a few.

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*Disclaimer: Hawaii Hypnosis Center is proud of our work helping people increase motivation and decrease bad eating habits. While we can help some clients achieve their goals of losing weight, hypnosis is not magic and is not a guarantee of success. No hypnotist can guarantee that you will lose weight solely through the use of hypnosis, because everyone has different issues and barriers to success. Consult a physician before beginning or making any adjustments in your healthcare, diet, and /or lifestyle.  Hypnosis is not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent, or cure any disease. Testimonials on this website are for informational purposes and may not represent typical client achievement as each client experiences hypnosis differently.

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Food is How We Connect

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There is no “silver bullet,” magic pill or secret that only celebrities know to lose weight. To be successful, people must change their mind so that they use food in a healthy way. You need motivation to eat healthy and to exercise, but more importantly, you’ve got to change your relationship with food. What they should be doing is reprogramming their mind to automatically choose healthy foods. While national surveys indicate that Hawaii has the second lowest obesity rate in the nation at 21.8 percent, the obesity rate is climbing rapidly and has more than doubled since 1990. While Hawaii’s active lifestyle and near-perfect outdoor weather can help some people maintain a healthy weight, the social nature of eating here can be a bigger challenge.

Food is how we love to connect with others. Restrictive or fad diets tend to fail people because it restricts their social activities. People feel punished if they can't enjoy going to family gatherings and eating what is available. When you chang your relationship with food you can minimize those extra calories. When you automatically eat small portions and make healthier choices of what’s available, you focus on enjoying the people, the music and the activity around you, without sabotaging your weight.


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