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Relationship Issues

Relationship Issues

Hypnosis for Relationships is Different from Couples Counseling

Thank goodness, right? When relationships are struggling, we don’t need somebody to tell us who is “right”. We certainly don’t need somebody to tell us what we’re doing “wrong” as in traditional marriage or couples counseling. We don't need to spend months sorting out "he said, she said". 

In relationships, we need to understand what our partner ACTUALLY needs so that we can better provide it. We often feel like we can’t make our partner happy… so we stop trying which leads to problems in the relationship. Everybody wants to be happy. We don't understand what our partner wants, and it doesn’t help that they can’t explain it. Learn how relationships really work… and with less mystery, you have a fighting chance to succeed in the relationship so that both people can be happy. 

Work one-on-one with your own Certified Professional Hypnotist. You each work on the things that are holding you back in the relationship. Relationship problems are about individual struggles. Many times we feel like we are walking on eggshells or we are trying to control the relationship for fear they may leave us. Once you are each more whole, then the relationship can be strong again. Start with communication. You each speak a different language based on your relationship style. Once we understand your relationship style and your partner's style, then you can shake up those old patterns. Resolve the emotional drivers leading to infidelity, anger, defensiveness and resentment. Move your relationship into a healthy future.

Check out our Relationship Website for more information on Relationship Coaching for those who aren't open to hypnosis...

Solve Relationship Issues

Get out of relationship rutsOvercome jealousy, eliminate baggage, repair trust or insecurity. Feel like no matter what your partner does or says, you still don't believe they love you? Feel threatened by your partner's other interests because you feel that if they aren't with you then they have lost interest? Increase your confidence and respect. Faulty patterns ruin relationships. Fifty percent of couples who go through marriage counseling or therapy end up getting divorced. Love is a powerful emotion, ask for a copy of our Relationship eBook to learn more about relationship success.

Always picking "Mr. Wrong"?

Repeating the same relationship mistakes over and over? Breaking up with them first because you feel they will just break up with you anyway? Break free from old relationship patterns, triggers and insecurities. Fix you ...fix your relationship. Wondering if you are in a Toxic Relationship?  Check out Randy's advice on MSN

Feel Like Roommates Instead of Lovers

Over time passion fades. Feel like roommates instead of lovers? Get the relationship back on track. Don't wait too long....the bigger the drift the greater the damage. Invest in your marriage. Studies show relationship bliss leads to a longer more satisfying life. 

Get Over A Relationship Or Going Through A Divorce 

Hurting from a relationship? Repeating the same mistakes?  Break ups are isolating, confusing, and painful. Stop ruminating. Become whole again so you can find the love that you desire. Whether your loved one moved out, cheated or you are in a toxic relationship, replace anger and resentment with calmness and optimism. Divorce is a new beginning, a chance to learn more about yourself. Find out what you really want or need. Many times it is not what you think. Work with your emotions so you can find lasting, healthy love and respect. You deserve to be appreciated and valued.

Getting Married or Recently Engaged, Premarital Coaching

Looking to start the relationship off right? Premarital nerves? Become more emotionally healthy so you can have a new beginning.

Relationship Problems
Switching out one failed relationship for another isn't the solution. You must love yourself before you can fully love others. Get the relationship right on the inside, then you can attract healthy relationships. No longer deal with defensiveness and triggers. 

Relationship Issues We Have Helped Clients Overcome:

  • Trust and confidence in the relationship, infidelity, self-love
  • Relationship Coaching, Marriage Counseling
  • Relationship Advice and Decision Making
  • Feelings of anger, fear, insecurity or jealousy
  • Intimacy Issues, Problems in the Bedroom
  • Divorce recovery and finding your happy 
  • Go from criticizing and complaining to effectively communicating 
  • How to get over a past relationship and feel more optimistic about the future 
  • Learn how to get out of a bad or unhealthy relationship, relationship problems, trouble in marriage
  • Commitment issues, pushing people away
  • How to find the one and create a loving relationship
  • Decide what you are looking for in a healthy relationship and attract true love 
  • Confidence to go out and date new people, newly single, be approachable, dating confidence   
  • Shyness and being the nice guy who finishes last 
  • Relationship frustration and downward spirals, don't let anyone treat you poorly
  • Challenges of a divorce or break up, death of a partner
  • Codependency Issues versus being ok as a single
  • Reigniting emotional connection, enjoy each other again, reignite the spark
  • Women's and Men's Personal Issues

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Relationship Counseling

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As professional certified hypnotists, we get a lot of questions about how hypnosis can help people in relationships. We have worked with hundreds of couples to strengthen and repair their relationships. Let’s be clear, right up front: this isn’t traditional marriage counseling or couples counseling. There’s a place for sitting with a neutral arbitrator to sort through issues. 

As professional hypnotists, we don’t do it that way. We do something very, very different. Each partner meets with an individual hypnotist to work through own issues. The goal is to build and strengthen each partner so that they find themselves as complete, sufficient, worthy, and loveable. Many relationships fall apart because one partner is hoping the other partner can “complete” them and fill the holes in their heart, mind or soul. By recognizing your value and strengths, you find that you are whole whether you are in or out of a relationship.

Emotions are what hypnosis is all about. We’re specialists in the underlying emotions such as getting defensive or jealous when not called for. We help you clear the fearful child within so you can focus on love, individually and together as courageous adults. Think about when you first met that perfect person. Everything was so great. You were so focused on the things you wanted to see that you were able to eliminate all of the other things. Being in a deep state of love and that intense focus is very much like hypnosis. When you are intimate, or cuddle, that beautiful few moments when all those endorphins are flowing and you feel so very close… is an alpha state. If you’re missing that feeling with the person you’re in a relationship with, we can help you recapture it. In fact, we can help you strengthen it.

Whether we are helping you overcome the pain of previous relationships, mistakes in this relationship, increase personal confidence and self-worth, or helping with sexual performance or desire issues, your completely confidential work with the certified hypnotists at Hawaii Hypnosis Center can get you both on a new and amazing track. 

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