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Hypnotherapy can help you overcome challenges that have made it difficult in the past to achieve your goals. Through suggestions and advanced hypnotic work, your hypnotist will guide you into a new mindset to overcome the obstacles and make it easier to achieve desired goals.


Habits come from the subconscious mind. Hypnotherapy makes changing habits easier. Change the part of your mind that seems to “crave” by  giving it what it really wants instead. Beat the unhealthy habit. Areas of Specialty:: Hypnosis to Quit Smoking, Instill Healthy Eating Habits, Stop Eating Sweets, Motivate to Work Out, Overcome Procrastination

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Better understand and resolve the causes of anxiousness. People aren’t born anxious - they learned it somewhere along the way. Determine whether the anxiety is a proper response. Gain new insights into the reasons behind feelings or emotions like anxiety. Areas of Specialty: Hypnotherapy for Public Speaking , Not Feeling Good Enough, Test Anxiety, Dating Anxiety, Fear of Flying, Fear of Driving, Fear of Intimacy, Fear of Heights, Fear of Roaches, Fear of Failure, Fear of Success


Sports Performance, Confidence

If you think about the times that you did really well, you’re more likely to find the times when you got into a “flow,” a rhythm or “The Zone.” Understanding these hallowed zones, rhythms and flows can be really useful for everyone from the casual golfer to the professional field goal kicker. Getting your head in the game is key from students to professionals to the weekend warrior. Hypnotherapy for Improved Focus, Overcome Fears and Build Confidence.

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Insomnia, Worry About Not Sleeping

Whether you can’t get to sleep, wake up during the night or have a mind that “won’t stop”, you have a negative sleep pattern or insomnia. Reset that pattern to get the sleep that you need. When you can't slow down the mind or you wake up and worry about falling back asleep, hypnosis is a focus of the mind to fall asleep naturally. 

Areas of Specialty: Hypnotherapy for Insomnia, Slow Down Racing Thoughts, Sleep through the night

Personal Trainer

Personal Development, Focus, Confidence

Whether you struggle to feel confident, feel stuck or want a better life, you can get out of your own way and achieve your dreams. Areas of Specialty: Hypnotherapy for Motivation, Success, Increased Self-Esteem, Creativity, Happiness, Gratitude, Peace, Overcome Procrastination, Improve Focus and Attention, Improved Memory, Focus or Concentration.

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Break-ups, End Toxic Patterns

Become strong so you can get out of a toxic relationship and heal. No longer repeat those patterns. Move your timeline. Learn how to really let go and move on. Areas of Specialty: Hypnosis To Reduce Break up Pain and to Move On, Get Over Divorce, Gain Confidence in Dating

Experience Matters

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