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Feeling Stuck? We help You To Be Successful

Where Do You Want To Be?

  • Replace Bad Habits With Healthy Habits  

  • Reduce Stress, Anxiousness, Hurt, Resentment
    To Reach Your Full Potential

  • Enhance Confidence & Performance  
    Reach Success

Serving Hawaii 17 Years - Experience Matters


Call 808-221-7353 or Click "Schedule Now"  for a FREE phone consultation. Book a Session today!


Check out the Living808 video to learn more.

How Does Habit Change Work?

The subconscious mind is the habit center. We learn new habits through repetition. We help clients to make new habits to respond differently to old patterns.

Hypnosis or Hypno-Coaching is a deep state of focus similar to guided meditation. Like meditation, you are aware of everything during the session and remember the work. In a very focused state you can change the way your mind perceives challenges. We are not doctors nor psychologists or counselors. People who come to see us are seeking alternative help whether it is to stop smoking, build confidence, move forward, or improve their relationships. We use a number of modalities including Hypno-Coaching, BWRT, NLP, Coaching etc..

Call 808-221-7353 to schedule your

FREE phone consultation. 

Buy now and pay in 4 interest-free installments over 6 weeks.

No fees when you pay on time. Sign up for the App at for more details. We will send you a payment link to use prior to the session.

Relationship Coaching . . .


Great relationships are the result of two solid people with an understanding of each other's values, needs and expectations. Relationships can heal, grow, and thrive quickly - especially when both partners know what they need from the relationship and what they need to provide to the relationship.


We work with couples in 2 hour coaching sessions to achieve results quickly and effectively. We start out together (all 4 of us as you each have your OWN Relationship Coach). Once we understand the issues, then we work to resolve the underlying issues so that together you can go back to being a team and having each other's back.











Check Out Our Relationship Book on Amazon
The Couples Rulebook takes a fresh approach, helping couples have a healthier, stronger relationship. Couples aren’t from different planets or speaking different languages, they are just two different people trying to find happiness together. The Couples Rulebook is the one book that will guide the relationship more peacefully  into the future. 



Break Cycles of Bad Relationships

Individual & Couples
Relationship Coaching

Tired of failing?  Multiple marriages and heartbreaks? Time to break the cycle and stop repeating the same patterns. Fix a current relationship or find a healthier one. We have helped hundreds of clients turn their relationship around in just a few sessions.


Authors and Relationship Specialists at Hawaii Relationship Coaching will help you to understand the challenges in your relationship and steps to turn your relationship around in just a few sessions.


Check Out Our Relationship Tips on KHON2


Book Written By Beverly & Randy Called The Couples Rulebook

Learn about relationship styles and understand the root of the issue to better understand what is needed in a relationship. Learn what your partner needs or expects. With expectations properly communicated, you can grow or attract a solid relationship. We can help you achieve something different, something better. You deserve amazing love. We are not counselors or therapists, people who schedule with us are looking for alternatives to the old model of relationship help.

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