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Meditating on the Beach

Healthy Habits

Weight Loss

Diets don't work long term.

Motivation to exercise fades.


There is no magic weight loss secret.


Motivation comes from overcoming the desire for pleasure and avoiding deprivation.

Pure willpower can’t resist the pleasure-generating effects of food, especially if feeing punished or deprived by dieting. 


Think like a thin person...enjoy healthy foods and be enthusiastic about the gym.

Learn How. Call Today.


Uncover the  struggle with food. Make healthy choices.


Our Personalized Weight Loss Program
Includes Audio Support

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Weight Loss Package

Save over $300

6 Sessions

Get the support you need to be successful.


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Custom Audios

We professionally produce personalized audios which are 90% more successful over a generic audio purchased over the Internet. Our audios are unique to your challenges and you can trust what is on the audio. 

Repetitive Actions

When it is a bad habit and not a "diagnosis"...give us a call to see if we can help. 

Repeating bad habits may be a response to an underlying stress or worry. Sometimes it is just a deeply engrained habit. 


Call for a free consultation.



Unmotivated. Frustrated.


The logical mind tends to be the intelligent, goal-setting, analytical part that knows exactly what to do.


The unmotivated subconscious part wants to make life easy, comfortable, and avoid change. 


To achieve a goal, both parts have to be in agreement that the goal is of the highest benefit. If there’s conflict, find the lack of motivation.


Smoking, over-eating, relying on caffeine or other distractors might take your focus off of stress, however, there are consequences.


Some people want to cut back and others want to stop completely. Call to see if we can help you.  

Willpower Versus Habit

Long-term habit-forming success comes more quickly when we can identify and resolve the resistance. So, how can an individual overcome being dragged down by being unmotivated?


Two key elements:

First, show the mind the benefit by making the end result visible.

Visualize yourself healthy. Show yourself what success looks like.


Second, don't get distracted along the way.


Success comes from visualizing the end result in a believable and achievable series of steps. It isn’t just having the steps laid out logically but rather being able to visualize those steps being taken and being able to visualize being successful.

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