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Weight Loss

There is no magic when it comes to weight loss. Diets don't work. Staying motivated for that exercise program fades. Lack of motivation comes not from your conscious brain but from the subconscious brain. The part that wants pleasure and avoids change. We don’t accept all clients because some people are not ready yet to focus on the underlying issues. Hypnosis is not magic, it takes a commitment to finally address the weight loss issues in life. 

Unfortunately, all the willpower can’t resist the pleasure-generating effects of food if feeingl punished or deprived by not eating (diet). 


Think like a thin person...enjoy healthy foods and be enthusiastic about the gym. Learn How Today.


Celebrities who have used hypnosis for weight loss: Orlando Bloom, Sophia Dahl, Lily Allen, Geri Halliwell and Oprah to name a few.


Uncover the  struggle with food. Make healthy choices.


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Repetitive Actions

Hair Pulling, Face Picking, Nail Biting, Teeth Grinding, Cheek Biting...the list goes on and on. When it is a bad habit and not a "diagnosis"...then give us a call to see if we can help. 

The subconscious is the habit center of the mind. Repetitive behaviors may indicate an underlying anxious or worry issue. Sometimes it is just a deeply engrained habit. 


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It’s enough to make one crazy. Feeling unmotivated and frustrated. The human mind has both a conscious and a subconscious element. The conscious mind tends to be the intelligent, goal-setting, analytical part that knows exactly what to do. The subconscious mind is the part that wants to make life easy, be comfortable, protection and keep  safe. To achieve a goal, both parts have to be in agreement that the goal is of the highest benefit. If there’s conflict, the subconscious will most likely win. 


Alcohol is a great distractor from our issues, however it causes even more problems. Some people want to cut back and others want to stop completely.  Our services are confidential and discreet.  Call to see if hypnosis can help you. Individual results vary. 

Willpower Versus Habit

While willpower can overcome some resistance, long-term habit-forming success comes more quickly when we can identify and resolve the subconscious resistance. So, how can an individual or a team leader overcome being dragged down by an unmotivated subconscious? There are two key elements: First, you’ve got to show the subconscious the benefit by making the end result visible. You have to visualize yourself healthy and you have to show the team members what success looks like. Second, you’ve got to make sure that the subconscious doesn’t become distracted along the way. Success comes from constantly seeing the end result in a believable and achievable series of steps. It isn’t just having the steps laid out consciously for the individual or the team but rather being able to visualize those steps being taken and being able to visualize being successful.