Covid Protocols

We want everyone to be healthy and safe. Here are some precautions we are taking at this time. Feel free to ask any questions you might have. Thank you for your understanding.

- Our staff are fully vaccinated and we will wear a mask and ask that you do as well unless you fall into the guidelines for mask exceptions.

- We adhere to strict office cleaning and sanitizing.

- We will properly space client sessions to minimize contact.

- We will adhere to six foot distancing guidelines.

- We will not be offering water/beverage service.

- We ask that you not bring anyone else with you as our reception area is currently closed during Covid.

- We use touchless payment or pay in advance systems.

- We use online forms.

- When you arrive for your appointment, be sure to text to let us know that you are here then wait for further instruction about when to come in for the session.

- We are not currently accepting walk-ins.

- Sessions can be rescheduled if not feeling well. Use the scheduling app to reschedule.

- We will ask appropriate screening questions to ensure that clients are healthy such as:


 1. Do you now, or have you had in the past fourteen (14) days:

  • A cough or sore throat?

  • Fever or do you feel feverish?

  • Shortness of breath?

  • Loss of taste or smell?

2. Have you been out of the State in the last fourteen (14) days?

3. Have you had close personal/physical contact with or cared for someone diagnosed with or tested positive for COVID-19?