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Suffering from anxiety can make everyday situations feel uncomfortable. Going to the store, talking to a new person, or attending a church function can be exhausting. Maybe it is just the “jitters” or the “shakes.”


Anxiety can make seemingly normal events result in rapid heartbeat, increased sweating, and enough adrenaline to make a person want to run away from the perceived danger. 

Yoga at Home


Unfortunately, most people don’t understand what the anxious person is going through. Over time an anxious person will grow to dislike being told “calm down,” “relax,” or “there’s nothing to worry about,” phrases thrown around endlessly by well-meaning friends or family members. Rationally and consciously, the anxious person recognizes that it should be simple - but it isn’t. The person who is dealing with anxious feelings is doing battle with an internal subconscious system that is out of the reach of most people’s soothing admonitions.


Hypnotists are trained to work with the subconscious mind. Hypnosis is targeted differently from the conscious discussion of fears or treating symptoms through prescriptions. Hypnosis work can focus on training a person through emotional management techniques. Through training clients in hypnosis techniques, it is possible to reduce stress.


Hypnotists are not physicians - though some physicians are trained in the techniques. Hypnotists are not psychiatrists - though some psychiatrists and psychologists practice hypnosis. A good hypnotist can be a catalyst and booster for things that are working and an alternative for things that are not working. 


Anxiousness is a feeling - and you weren’t born with it. Somewhere along the way in life, your mind learned to fear certain environments or situations. 

You Weren't Born Anxious

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