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Being stressed out can make everyday situations very uncomfortable. Going to the store, talking to a new person, or speaking in front of a crowd can be exhausting. Maybe it's just the “jitters” or the “shakes.” Being told to calm down doesn't slow down the fast breathing nervous feeling. 

Yoga at Home


Rationally we know relaxing should be simple - but it isn’t. The person who is dealing with nervous feelings has made that reaction a habit. Because we are not doctors or counselors, people who seek out our help have usually tried those traditional practices and either they didn't help or they have side effects. Our focus is on training a person through emotional management techniques. Through coaching clients in techniques, stress can be manageable.


We are not physicians, not psychiatrists, not counselors. Our services can be a catalyst and booster for things that are working and an alternative for things that are not working. 


Anxiousness is a feeling - and you weren’t born with it. Somewhere along the way in life, your mind learned to fear certain environments or situations. 

You Weren't Born Anxious

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