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Personal Growth & Sports Performance

Personal Growth

When you feel stuck or unable to change your situation, then you need a guide to help you get unstuck. Whether it is a lack of self esteem, self doubt or something else that holds you back from fulfilling your dreams...hypnosis can help you tap into your issue so you can resolve it. 

The subconscious is the part of your mind that questions the meaning in your life. It is also the protector and looks for patterns matches. An experienced hypnotist can help you understand those patterns and change how you make choices.  

Your brain lies to you because it thinks it is helping you. When you understand what it really wants then you can direct your thoughts to something that is more in line with your goals. 

Confidence Is Trust

Confidence is trust to handle whatever comes up. Doubt or are trying to protect is not confidence. An experienced hypnotist can help.

Feeling very self aware or not trusting is something that is learned or picked up along the way. Many times people don't understand how to "be confident" or when they try they feel like an imposter. A ack of confidence costs advances in career,  relationship, day to day life. Confident people get the breaks in life. It isn't luck. Be confident too. 

Sports Performance

Famous Athletes who have used Sports Hypnosis

Gymnast and Olympian Mary Lou Retton - Gold, and many other medals.

World Famous golfer Tiger Woods has been using sport hypnosis since he was 13 years old. 

Jack Nicklaus also isn’t shy about his passion for hypnosis and enhancing his concentration during golf games.
Basketball star Michael Jordon used hypnosis before every game to improve his mental stamina. 

The Chicago Bulls now utilize sport hypnosis into their pregame sessions to center themselves. Even the Turkish football team has worked with hypnosis.

Tennis pro Jimmy Connors uses hypnosis regularly to help him keep his focus during important tournaments.
Boxer Kevin McBride listens to hypnosis sessions before every fight to get him into a positive and focused state of mind and on winning.
Steve Hooker won a Gold Medal at the 2010 Delhi Commonwealth Games in the Pole Vault and credits his success to hypnosis for helping him to visualize his success so that he felt completely comfortable, and “at home” on the day.
Mike Tyson and Sylvester Stalone 

Tennis star Andre Agassi, worked with Anthony Robbins, utilizing NLP and hypnosis. 

Client Goals Achieved

Get out of those patterns. Stop feeling like a victim. Add new healthy patterns into your life.


  •      Stop Smoking, Stop Chew, Stop Vaping/eCigs, 

  •      Stop Nicotine Gum 

  •      Infidelity and Learn How to Trust Again

  •      Relationship Conflicts and Communication Issues

  •      Sales growth, Master Cold Calling 

  •      Commitment Issues, Confidence in Dating

  •      Procrastination, Motivation  

  •      Intractable Hiccups, Tics. Stuttering

  •      Infertility

  •      Motivated and Directed Toward Goals

  •      Healthy Habits, Healthy Lifestyle, Stick To Diet 

  •      Stop Obsessing, Stop Thinking About Someone

  •      Focus, Clarity, Become Unstuck

  •      Bad Habits Resolved, New Habits Gained

  •      Fear of flying, driving, falling, sharks, needles, 

  •      Fear of dentist, bugs, lizards, heights, noises, etc.

  •      Sleepwalking, Night Terrors, Night Mares

  •      Depression, (Referral Needed)

  •      Insomnia & Waking Up During the Night

  •      Heal Relationship Break-up or Divorce

  •      Weight Release, Weight Loss, Lose Weight

  •      Binging on Junk Food, Carbs, Sweets

  •      Stop Eating Sugar  

  •      Hypochondriac

  •      Emotional Eating

  •      Blushing, Nervous Behaviors, Stammering

  •      Sports Performance, Injury Fear, Confidence in Sport

  •      Breech Baby

  •      Anxiety, Panic, Fears, Shyness, 

  •      Social Anxiety, Presentation Fear & Anxiety

  •      Sabotaging Behaviors

  •      Emotional Blocks

  •      Anger, Mood Triggers

  •      Phobias and PTSD

  •      Grieving, Moving On

  •      Menopause Symptoms

  •      School Anxiety/Test Anxiety

  •      Stress Relief 

  •      Improve Memory and Focus, Resolve Exam Jitters

  •      Manage Irritable Bowel Symptoms 

  •      Self-Love & Forgiveness

  •      Break Old Relationship Cycles and Patterns 

  •      Sales Rut

  •      Overcome Shyness, Datin Anxiety

  •      Co-Worker/Boss Issues, Stand Up to Bullies

  •      Job Promotion, Change Careers

  •      Hair Pulling, Face/Brow Picking, Nail Biting

  •      Bruxism, Grinding Teeth, TMJ

  •      Dealing With Cancer

  •      Too Much Behaviors

  •      Become more Mindful & Present

  •      Improve Memory, Laser Focus & Concentration

  •      Focus and Exam Anxiety

  •      Find Your Personal Passion and Purpose

  •      Strengthen Intuitive Gifting

  •      Stuttering

  •      Communication Issues, Get Your Voice Heard

  •      Deal With Frustration

  •      Stop Drinking Coffee, Caffeine, Soda

  •      Motivation to Work Out

  •      Prepare for Marathon, Self Discipline

  •      Improve Posture, Stop Slumping

  •      Children and Teen Issues

  •      Healthy Aging

  •      Picky Eating 

  •      Process Loss, Grief and Overcoming Sadness

  •      Locate Lost Objects or Lost Memories

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