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Weight Loss is Different From Dieting

Updated: May 19, 2021

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Being overweight is not about the food but more often about the feelings and emotions that trigger you to eat or snack when you are not hungry. Food becomes a distractor for feelings and emotions that people don’t like or don’t know how else to satisfy. When you identify those feelings and emotions and bring them to the surface, then you can neutralize and eliminate them. Once that happens, food retakes its rightful role as a fuel for your body. The journey to a healthier lifestyle gains momentum. If you’re ready to lose weight and end emotional eating and bad habits, here are some key areas to work on:

It is important to take responsibility for your health and your success. Always check with your doctor first before beginning any weight loss program.

Eat right for healthy weight loss. Eat small portions of healthy foods like lean meats, fruits and vegetables. Don’t starve yourself or skip meals.

Be prepared to be successful at losing weight. You need to have a plan that gives you access to the right food and the right exercise equipment. There are lots of options for eating out, gyms to join, and great weather for exercise. There are good choices available and you have to surround yourself with good options.

Exercise. Some days need a vigorous workout and somedays may just need a brisk walk but you’ve got to start moving your body. Hypnosis can help with motivation.

Drink more water. Drinking water keeps your cells hydrated, especially in a humid, warm climate. Hydrated cells work better and that helps you lose weight. Additionally, water helps you feel fuller, which means less calorie intake.

You must understand the difference between hunger and emotional conditions that prompt you to eat. Emotional eating because you’re stressed, sad, tired or bored is a cycle that must be broken to start the process. 

Create a positive mind space for success. Hypnosis is the gateway that helps recondition your mind to give you positive messages. It’s hard enough in the world without being hard on ourselves. There your internal messages – shouldn’t they be cheerleaders instead of negative messages? Belief in yourself will bring positive achievement and that will strengthen your belief in yourself. Before long, you’ve got a self-powered positive energy machine that helps you succeed at more than just weight loss but with all areas of your life – from relationships to wealth.

Last – but certainly not least – never give up. Life is filled with ups and downs and weight loss is a process. When setbacks or plateaus occur, they do not change the intended result. Keep moving forward. If you take two steps forward and one step back… that’s dancing. Keep dancing. It’s good exercise to dance. Stay flexible with your goals and with your plan. When things change in your life you may have to change your workout schedule or your eating plan. Make positive changes and keep moving forward because the destination hasn’t changed, just the route to getting there.

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