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  • Beverly Craddock

4 Steps To Change The Course Of Your Life

Updated: Jan 9

Think for moment about the reasons that you aren’t currently living your dream? Are you stuck in a rut? Are you trapped in a dead end job? Are you putting in your time until retirement? Is your relationship stale? Did you have a dream when you were young but it seems like only a memory now?

At the end of the movie Pretty Woman, there’s a man walking down the street shouting, “Welcome to Hollywood! What’s your dream?” You don’t have to be in Hollywood to realize that everyone has a dream. So why is it only rare people are actually living their dreams while most people are feeling trapped? If everyone wants to live their dreams what’s holding so many people back? What about you? Are you unable to escape the rut you’re in or are you unwilling to escape the rut? What’s your dream?

If you’ve got the feeling that something in your life needs to change, but you aren’t sure where to start, it might be time to consider getting a professional life coach to help. Certified professional life coaches who are specialists in change management can be invaluable if you’re tired of punching a time clock and ready to move on to something more meaningful. They can also help you identify your deeper passion, even if your friends laugh about your dreams and your spouse chocks it up to “just a mid-life crisis.” Deep down, you’re ready for the fulfilled kind of life where you feel like you’re accomplishing something with your uniqueness, talents, skills, education or time.

When you aren’t satisfied, it’s a frustrating and often depressing feeling. Your life is stalled. You’re in a rut and no matter how hard you look at the rut, you can’t find the way out. It’s entirely possible that you’re too close to the situation. An objective, third-party observer can ask the right questions and listen to help you identify whether your past failures or your future fears are holding you back.

Whether you use a life coach to chart a new course - free of icebergs and filled with Hollywood-level dreams - or you just want to start making some real changes in your life, here are four steps to help you get moving: