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Feeling Stuck? Sabotaging Yourself?

Updated: May 19, 2021

Rusty truck stuck in desert

That which holds us back from doing the things we want to do are sometimes called “blocks” or we feel stuck or that we are somehow sabotaging ourselves.  It always strikes me how literal the mind is when I hear people refer to these blocks in terms of “getting over it” or “getting past it.” Often times, clients will describe these blocks as they would describe a wall or a fence.

One of the things we know as hypnotists is that the subconscious mind is not using these blocks to keep us from being successful, it’s doing a different and more important job: It’s trying to protect us from something that has hurt us in the past.

“People generally fight their blocks,” says Beverly. “And that’s where frustration and bad decision making come into play.” Beverly recommends discovering the reason that the block exists. Most people will understand the fear but try to rationalize it. They tell themselves they’re being silly or oversensitive; however, by doing that they actually advance the problem. Not only do they have the original problem of the block, but now they have an internal voice telling them they’re foolish for having the block or for feeling stuck.

“The best way around a block is to help your subconscious mind determine if the block needs to be there in the first place,” Beverly explains. “This requires finding that moment when the block was created.”

Blocks don’t start out as big boulders in our mind. They begin as a speed bump but get reinforced and built up as we travel through life. The thing that we’ve learned as we’ve worked with thousands of clients is that the origin of these blocks is often bad information.

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