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Humans Can Smell Fear And Security

Recent studies show that humans really can smell fear and respond to that stimuli. Can you imagine going on a first date feeling anxious and sending the wrong signal to the person you are courting? What about the public speaker who is anxious in front of a crowd which sends nervous energy to the audience? Both of these examples occur subconsciously and can have a detrimental affect on the outcome. So what can we do about it? You can become more confident and less anxious so you send the right message to everyone around you.

Cat smelling flowers

On a positive note, studies also tell us that children feel more safe and secure when they smell familiar scents from say a caregiver or stuffed toy or blanket. When mother's are nursing or looking into their baby's eyes, their brain waves are aligned. This alignment is not so much a mirror but rather more active like a dance between the two. Studies also show that humans connect not just with eye to eye contact but also when we sing, dance or even watch a movie together. We can experience physical synchrony where our hearts beat as one and even our breathing rates line up. Even sports fans or concert goers experience a physical shared synchrony. No wonder we search for that connection with those we love and share interest. So if you are feeling down, go cheer on your favorite team or sing along with your local church congregation.



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